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Sleep: Do You Get Enough Deep Sleep

The Center for Disease Control calls sleep problems a public health epidemic. The National Sleep Foundation reports that people with sleep disorders spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year trying to get some peaceful shut-eye. The cost to the economy, in lost productivity and accidents, is staggering!

Perhaps the most important activity of sleep is your brain detox. Without adequate sleep to dispose of the amyloid plaque that is implicated in Alzheimer’s, can grow. Your brain only gets rid of toxins while you sleep.

The time you spend asleep, in deep sleep, is the only time your body gets to repair cells that are worn out, gets to replace old cells, gets to create and produce new healthy cells. Your body needs to be in a very deep stage of sleep for all that to happen.

Most people who think that they are getting a good night’s sleep are actually getting about 90 minutes in that deep stage four sleep. The thing is, your body needs about four hours in that deep stage four sleep.

If you want to enjoy optimal health, you need to give your body what nature intended for your body to have.

If your body is not getting the rest necessary to repair and replace old cells your health is disintegrating moment by moment. Maybe you know you feel less and less terrific. More likely, though, it happens out of your awareness and you accept that your energy and body just ain’t what it used to

An interesting aspect of lifetime health begins at the age of two.

YES. YOU READ THAT RIGHT – TWO YEARS OLD. You see, your body’s divine wisdom begins to recognize that you are not getting adequate sleep to heal itself and get you through each day. It protects itself by slowly and imperceptibly shutting down your organ systems. Over your lifetime, these bits and pieces of decreasing function become apparent as pain, conditions, and illness.

Aging does not just happen. It reflects your lifestyle.


For more information on how to simply and joyfully get the deep sleep you want so you can live life to the fullest contact me.

Holistic Living Connects Body Mind and Spirit

You are a Divine Spirit living a human experience in a body with physical and emotional needs coming from your mind. As a holistic being you must consider your wholeness and connections that make up you. 

To thrive in life you must include your body, mind and spirit. Focusing on only one or two prevents success in ANY area.

Success in life happens when you balance all three.

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How To Be Happy NOW

The default mode of thinking is, for most people, negative. Such patterns defeat wellness in all areas.

Unless you make a conscious effort to feel good you will continue to think negative thoughts and stay stuck in a ho hum life – or even worse. 

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Smiling and Well Being

You cannot experience two opposing emotions at the same time.

When you smile you feel happy. Therefore you cannot feel angry, hurt or frustrated when you are smiling.Your energy shifts, raising your frequency so you attract what you want instead of what you do not want.

What you say you want the energy you put out to the world are two different things. One gets you what you don't want while theater, indeed, brings you what you do want.

You get to choose - when you live with awareness.

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Thinking and Health

Your thoughts create your world. 

What goes on inside your mind gets reflected in your outer world.
 You choose how to feel in every moment – every single one.

No event has any meaning except for the one you assign.
 As noted in my THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Theme Song,
Its your choice to stay stuck in the muck.

You create your own luck.”

Share your experience below. When did you take charge of a situation that could have been very frustrating or sad and turn it into something useful in your life?

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