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Water Talk: How, Why and What of Water and Well Being

Welcome to everything you want to know about water: why you need it, how much, what kind, and how to drink it. For the very complete  detailed information listen to the recording. I divided the recording into segments to make the vast amount of life-saving information easier to consume.

Further down this page you will find where and how to get safe water  your body actually uses. Take your time to get it all. Your life literally depends on the water you drink and shower in.

Remember, it takes 15 times more money to treat conditions and illness than it does to prevent it – assuming one can be found.

For details about how this information and the water system saved my life and restored my health click here.

Click the links to listen to Only Water is Water: Your Life Depends On It

Click each segment to discover what you do not know about water, hydration, dehydration and your well being. I marked some points for your special attention.

Part 1
minute 2:05 It’s a dire warning NOT a gentle suggestion
minute 4:46 One BIG reason so many people have ADD
minute 5:30 What you don’t know about caffeine
minute 6:00 This increases incidences of asthma in children
minute12:50 The brain must shut down functioning when this happens
minute 13:40 Doctors call it aging – WRONG!

Part 2
minute 0:30 Allergies and asthma – what is happening
minute 1:20 80%-90% of back and joint pain stop with this action
minute 2:20 Stress, depression, and chronic fatigue – oh yeah
minute 3:50 Mental Illness: It’s reversible
minute 5:31 Halt this kind of deafness
minute 6:30 Just a 2% drop in hydration – fuzzy thinking, inability to focus for reading
minute 8:24 Obesity Can it really be this easy to reverse it?
minute 11:57 Signs your health is about to crash

Part 3
minute 0:20 Women: stop worrying about where the restrooms are when out
minute 3:20 This is the ONLY time to drink COLD water
minute 4:50 Salt does all that?
minute 7:00 60 out of 2100, seriously?
minute 8:30 Showers – the dangers you d not know about
minute 11:30 400 people died drinking treated city water because of this
minute 13:00 Your pretty lawn is destroying everybody’s health
minute 15:15 The truth about bottle water
minute 21:00How Nature provides
23:40 Prevention costs 15 times LESS than the cure–assuming there is a cure

AFTER listening to the talk, click here to for details on the ONLY water systems Ali recommends. Contact Ali with questions about water, the products and purchasing what fits you best.

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