Flat Abs – What Stops You From Getting Flat Abs

You may be doing everything right and still not be able to get rid of that little pooch – you know, that bulge below your waist – the one that even skinny people sometimes struggle with.
Well, turns out the cause just may be weak muscles.


I could go into a long detailed explanation that will completely amaze you. I know it certainly caused me to take notice – and, more importantly, to take action. And I sure am glad I did because the source of the bulge also is the source of a major discomfort I have had off and on for 40+ years. Yes, over 40 years. And no one knew how to help more than temporarily – until now.

I highly recommend you take a look here NOW because it just may eliminate some hurts that have nagged you for too long too. And it also may give you the flat abs you desire for beauty and health.
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About the Author Ali Bierman

Ali is the bomb diffuser for the body, mind and spirit. She disconnects the wires that explode into injuries, pain, conditions and disease. Then she removes the cause of suffering: the programs in your subconscious mind that run you in every moment of life. Everything in life is a choice. Some choices are more difficult to make than others. Ali Bierman