Gray Hair Really Does Come From Stress

Did anyone ever tell you that you caused their gray hair? Parents sometimes do that kind of thing–without thinking. Kids tend to believe those words, coming from the mouth of an adult. So please consider what you say to youngsters.

Know that stress really does cause gray hair. It is not a myth.

When I was forty-six a client (I was a psychotherapist working in crisis care) attacked me leaving me disabled with a brain injury. You might imagine that was a very stressful and distressing event.

The experiences I lived through after that attack did leave me with gray hair–lots of it – virtually over night! Well it seemed that way to me.

I recall one of the doctors describing me as, “A forty-six year old woman appearing much older than her stated age.” Older than her stated age! He was talking about me.

His words shocked me. I looked in the mirror and frankly, I hardly recognized me.  My face had become wrinkled along with the graying hair.

So what?

All my life people always guessed my age as 10-15 years younger than my chronological age. Now here someone was telling me I looked old. I looked bad! Or at least that is what I heard.

Wow! What a wake up call.

Stress impacts the body in ways we recognize and in ways we completely fail to see.

From my experience I dare say you cannot easily hide periods of extreme stress unless you dye your hair.

Know if your hair suddenly turns gray and have no idea why, you may want to check out what is happening out of your awareness that impacts your wellness thereby reducing your hair color.

By the way, gray hair indicates a nutritional shortage. The stress in your life consumes the nutrients that keep your hair naturally colored.

Speaking as a holistic healer, I know that every physical symptom originates in emotional energy blocks.

In the case of gray hair, especially when it comes on suddenly, an accumulation of blocks hit its limit. Your emotional file folder could no longer keep the symptom in your energy body. It expressed as a physical reality.

When a devastating experience happens or you anticipated one, you change your perception of who you are. That disconnection from your Spirit and beingness causes the color to drain out of your hair.

And yes, it can happen overnight.


About the Author Ali Bierman

Ali is the bomb diffuser for the body, mind and spirit. She disconnects the wires that explode into injuries, pain, conditions and disease. Then she removes the cause of suffering: the programs in your subconscious mind that run you in every moment of life. Everything in life is a choice. Some choices are more difficult to make than others. Ali Bierman