How To Get Safe Water

The only water system I recommend and use is made by Nikken. I use all their water products. What you drink is a small part of your water intake. More icky toxins found in water enter your body in a  shower – way more, an equivalence of drinking 8 glasses of water a day for 30 days in a 5 minute shower.

If you buy water know this system puts money back in your pocket not only because it costs less than what you buy but also because you and your family will make fewer trips to the doctor and the drug store.
The Basics- Start Here:

Contact me with questions and to place an order to start living better NOW. Please do not put this off. What you do not know about water and hydration is slowly killing you.

Detailed water information – why your body needs it, how much, and what happens when you fail to supply enough pure water and enough mineral salt to use the water. If you think you should be going to the bathroom every two hours then your body is not assimilating the water you drink. Click here NOW for the full story.

Watch this short video to finally know which water system is best for you and why – and it costs less than bottled water or replacing filters in the expensive machine that still fails to make clean water.

Contact Ali for info on how to get our very own water system that gives you alkaline water certified clean by the NSF.

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