jatDoes your jaw click when you open or close your mouth? Does your mouth ever get stuck open? Mine used to – very many years ago. OUCH Do you ever hurt when you open your mouth wide?

Jaw aligned (often called the TMJ) controls 80% of your muscles and 90% of your neurology. When your TMJ goes out all kinds of things go wrong in your body and brain.

What does that mean for you?

Your jaw joint may be out of alignment if you experience any of these discomforts:
• Ankle or foot pain, knee or hip pain, shoulder or neck pain
• Jaw pain, clicking, or your mouth getting stuck open or closed
• Headaches
• Digestive upsets
• Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue
• Inability to settle down to sleep peacefully
• Memory problems
• Inability to focus or learning disabilities
And much more…

Michael walked into my office with his jaw clicking very loudly. He left three hours later with a smoothly and silently moving jaw – and improved heath throughout his body. My own misaligned TMJ was corrected by a a dentist who was also a TMJ specialist. I went through 5 years of misery – mouth guard plus braces then retainer – and it all went out instantly when a client hit me in the jaw! ARGH!

Let’s see…5 years of torture and expense OR one simple class, complete with a manual, where you learn how to align your own jaw. Hmm. Which do you choose?

Simply going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned, and the process of opening your mouth that wide with all of the shifting around you do with your jaw, and the pressing done by the hygienist or dentist doing an exam – it throws your jaw out of alignment. I guarantee the status of your TMJ is negatively impacting your life right now.

The great news? I designed a way to teach my class online so, no matter where in the world you live – you can become your own health advocate by moving your own TMJ into its proper place for optimal physical and mental functioning.

Because I want to help as many people as possible improve their well being, I am gifting you a discount of $20 bring your investment in your health and happiness to just $77 instead of the usual $97. Click below to get started NOW.