Smiling and Well Being

You cannot experience two opposing emotions at the same time.

When you smile you feel happy. Therefore you cannot feel angry, hurt or frustrated when you are smiling.Your energy shifts, raising your frequency so you attract what you want instead of what you do not want.

What you say you want the energy you put out to the world are two different things. One gets you what you don't want while theater, indeed, brings you what you do want.

You get to choose - when you live with awareness.

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Thinking and Health

Your thoughts create your world. 

What goes on inside your mind gets reflected in your outer world.
 You choose how to feel in every moment – every single one.

No event has any meaning except for the one you assign.
 As noted in my THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Theme Song,
Its your choice to stay stuck in the muck.

You create your own luck.”

Share your experience below. When did you take charge of a situation that could have been very frustrating or sad and turn it into something useful in your life?

The Best Green Tea

One of my great joys is sipping a hot cup of delicious healthy green tea, ah, but only the best green tea!.

I’ve known about its positive health effects for years…

…but what I’m only just learning is it takes as much as TEN cups to get the full benefit! Yeah, 10 cups in a day. Hey, I do not like to swallow capsules – the alternative to drinking 10 cupfuls. Actually I choke on them so – it’s 10 cups a day of freaking me out from the caffeine OR…

This is why I’m excited to get the word out about Matcha green tea. This is what you use to make amazingly delicious Green Tea ice cream.

Well, it is what I use after trying to make it with wimpy green tea. I got a wimpy ices cream flavor!

I LOVE matcha tea. But oh my goodness—the top quality stuff is mighty costly!!

Matcha is a rare and very potent type of green tea. Just ONE teaspoon of this stuff is like drinking those all important ten cups of regular green tea! Why is it so potent?

First, it’s grown in the shade. This preserves the maximum amount of chlorophyll in each leaf. Chlorophyll btw, is a powerful detoxifying phytonutrient. It supports a healthy immune system and improves circulation.

Second, Matcha green tea comes in powder form. This means your body can easily absorb all its nutrients.

And one of those powerful nutrients you’ll absorb is called EGCG.

Now, EGCG fights belly fat by inhibiting the stress hormone called cortisol.

You see, cortisol is known to pack on the belly bulge. Plus, less stress means less over-eating and that means easier weight loss.

Most green tea only has .42mg of EGCG. But Matcha on the other hand, has 57.4mg per gram. That’s 137x the cortisol-fighting power!

SO next time you ship for tea pass the array of green teas and go straight to Matcha Tea,

Stress Buster – Immune Booster on Steroids

Right now I am packing to move clear across the country. I am leaving the city that USA Today named the #1 Best Place to Live in the USA. And I agree – it is far and away the best place I have ever lived and I have lived in MANY places.

Absolutely anything I want is within fifteen minutes of me. I even have access to an Apple Store, more than one dozen organic food stores, pasture-raised eggs and meats, art, the biggest most beautiful shopping area in the country – it even has musical performing fountains like those at the Belaggio in Las Vegas!

And I am leaving.

I live in a place where teens are important and amazing programs support them and encourage healthy development.

Perhaps my favorite thing is all the water sports here. Idaho has more natural rivers and waterways than any other state. And I LOVE being outdoors on water. I live walking distance from the waterpark rated #8 in the nation. And floating the Boise beats inner-tubing just about anywhere.

Gee golly gosh! There is even a special wave pool where people go surfing! That explains all the surfboards at COSTCO!

So why in the world would I leave paradise?

I have two granddaughters in New York.  Understand my move motivation now?

The thing is, as much as I am looking forward to living closer to my family and my very many friends on the East coast where I lived most of my life, I really do not know where I will live. Finding a place long distance is just not working.

So  when I drive away with my belongings next  Tuesday I will be heading to someone’s house I kinda know and putting my stuff in storage – unless I get a message from the Universe to do otherwsie before arriving in New York

You can probably understand why I feel very stressed! VERY VERY VERY stressed

So what do I do to keep keep feeling excellent so I can get everything done that I need to do? Thankfully it arrived today – my green juice that I can instantly stir up in a glass. The green juice that is all organic and contains Ashwaganda and other ingredients that reduce stress came for me to enjoy and prosper!

The Universe gave me this great gift just when I need it – and at a $20 OFF discount.
$20off fb image

I can easily take this on my trip and not worry if I miss getting all my veggies every day I am traveling. Phew! As a health fanatic that is one huge relief!

==>Discover your “happy” again while losing unwanted fat and feeling terrific.

Good Eats – Healthy Brain and Body

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