A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day Gift

One thing my kids and friends will tell you about me is that I am full of surprises. I don’t think or do things the way most people do. That includes the Valentine’s Day gift included in this video. It is a concept that can really change your whole life – when you get it and do it. Injoy!

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Health and Diet: What Makes a Diet Healthy?

A friend was telling me about his healthy diet. Not surprisingly many others who misunderstand food share his notion of healthy eating. The SAD (Standard American Diet) fact is many people make the effort to help themselves and create healthier life styles only to wind up sickly and, often, overweight.

Some years ago the medical community decided that fat is a bad thing. Suddenly the food industry responded with fat-free foods. Butter-free products blossomed into a huge industry. Baked products boasted about their fat-free ingredients – pretty much every major SAD company jumped on the bandwagon.

Enter the age of hormonal imbalances. Your body needs fat to burn fat. Your body needs fat to assimilate and use fat-soluble vitamins. Your body needs fat to insulate your body and feed your brain!

Yet the misinformation did not top there.

People afraid of fat stopped eating meat.

Think about it. How did your ancestors run across the plains and build strong bodies that established our civilization? They ate meat!

Today many people turn to vegetarian diets only to see their health decline – sharply. Not every body is designed to thrive on a vegetarian diet.

Most people need some meat to create and maintain health. Note that I am talking about free range animals, raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones.

For many, clear thinking follows a meal of beef. Okay you don’t need to eat 8 ounces or more at a sitting. Your body probably handles only 3-4 ounces at a time. The rest stresses your elimination organs.

The issue with eating well, in the eyes of many, means eliminating meat, animal fat, and dairy and favoring grains such as bread, cereal and pasta.

Ah ha! Grains spark the pancreas to release the insulin that often leads to diabetes.

Look at what most obese people eat on a regular basis – pasta and bread (made from chemical refined flours) – lots of both.

Do you see why the United States population leads the world in obesity? Dubious distinction!

How You Create Your Life

You hear it all the time – you create your life. Everyone says you do it with your thougts and emotions.

Okay. so how does what you think and feel make your reality manifest?

Your Spirit (Higher Self, Soul) is that eternal part of you that lives outside your body. It is part of the All-Is-One, God, Source, Universe – whatever term you prefer.

When you make a request it provides the synchronistic events that provide the opportunity to manifest what you desire. It does al the how to fulfill your what!

Ah – but you have to take the action to realize it,

Got it?

How Health Happens: Spirit, Mind Body

Most people have it backwards. They talk about Body, Mind and Spirit. Actually everything in life begins with Spirit.  What happens with you on a spiritual level causes you to experience emotions that impact your physical body.

You need ALL three for optimal health and well being.

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