Series on the Bottom Line Cause of Health and Well Being: Water

[Note: This set of articles is for your education only. It is not intended as medical claims or treatment. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am sharing my own experiences as well as thos e of my clients.]Much of thew information on water came from in-depth study of classes created by Dr. Batmangheldj.]

I personally recovered my health following a life-altering brain injury when I learned about water–all about water: what you need, where to get it and how your body uses it. She shares this information so others may again enjoy optimal physical and emotional health.

Dr. Batmangheidj, a practicing physician in Northern Virginia, has been practicing for over 25 years, and his big cure is water. 

He has gone into hospitals where people could not be helped by all kinds of medications, and all kinds of procedures. He gave them water and they got better almost instantly.  
We are talking about a whole gamut of emotional things going on. Most emotional things, those too are fixed, not with psychotropic drugs, but with water. Almost all pain, other than something from an actual injury,  is due to dehydration. 
You may remember back from high school biology, how does water get in and out of cells? It does that with salt.  

So this whole thing about salt is not good for you, and causes high blood pressure–do your research. Discover the studies that led to the stop easting salt craze. Do your research for yourself. 

As a practicing Specialized Kinesiologist I can show you why your body needs salt when your heart starts beating too fast, and you are panting and running out of breath going upstairs, and your legs get weak and your kneecap hurts. 
You see, I had all those symptoms and went to a cardiologist-which I highly recommend you do to rule out any actual heart issues. But all my tests showed nothing abnormal with my heart or its functioning. 

I was fortunate to discover a chiropractor who practiced kinesiology and demonstrated to me that all those symptoms resulted from a shortage of salt. As soon as he gave me salt all my symptoms disappeared and to this day, when those symptoms recur I test myself to see if I just need more salt and so far, more salt and more water has corrected those symptoms every time. 

Headaches, migraines, all kinds of things are happening because you do not have enough water-and salt.  

Edema. What about when you have swelling going on? That is because the water cannot get into the cells. It’s outside the cells. 

You have two oceans in your body: one is inside the cells and one is outside the cells. Do you know what? I could go on and on because I actually give a 45-minute talk all about water.  
What I want you to take away from this right now is the fact that when there is not enough water in the right places, the brain rations the water that is there. 

So what do you suppose happens? Gradually the brain shuts down the less vital functions. You may then develop discomforts, conditions and ultimately disease.

About the Author Ali Bierman

Ali is the bomb diffuser for the body, mind and spirit. She disconnects the wires that explode into injuries, pain, conditions and disease. Then she removes the cause of suffering: the programs in your subconscious mind that run you in every moment of life. Everything in life is a choice. Some choices are more difficult to make than others. Ali Bierman