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Holistic Living Connects Body Mind and Spirit

You are a Divine Spirit living a human experience in a body with physical and emotional needs coming from your mind. As a holistic being you must consider your wholeness and connections that make up you. 

To thrive in life you must include your body, mind and spirit. Focusing on only one or two prevents success in ANY area.

Success in life happens when you balance all three.

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Smiling and Well Being

You cannot experience two opposing emotions at the same time.

When you smile you feel happy. Therefore you cannot feel angry, hurt or frustrated when you are smiling.Your energy shifts, raising your frequency so you attract what you want instead of what you do not want.

What you say you want the energy you put out to the world are two different things. One gets you what you don't want while theater, indeed, brings you what you do want.

You get to choose - when you live with awareness.

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All About Relationships and Well Being

All discomforts and dis-ease are caused by relationships You read that right. All physical, emotional and spiritual issues in your life result from disconnects between you and yourself (how you interpret events, how you stay stuck in a poor self image, etc.) OR between you and other people OR between you and your understanding of Source, the Universe, God.
The great news? You can change all that and I can show you exactly what to do to produce your own well being so you can the life you know you came here to enjoy.
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Health and Conscious Living

Optimal health only happens when you eliminate both the cause of the health issues AND all the blocks you do not know you have to allowing and maintaining health.

Working as a Specialized Kinesiologist I observe that most people say they want something yet put up all kinds of obstacles that prevent it from coming into their lives. Even when health sneaks in, those people self-sabotage to resume their victim state.

They do so without conscious awareness. Doesn’t matter. Same result.

The fact is they defeat themselves and wonder why they cannot find happiness or manifest what they say they want to manifest in their lives.

Clients seek out my  hlep to clear emotional and physical issues. The fact is every physical issue has an emotional cause. I treat causes not symptoms so I know when I finish my work I have absolutely removed the cause of the discomfort.

When I finish that removal I am not yet done with the session. I complete each session checking for the blocks I mentioned earlier. Most people have more than one block in their belief systems that stops them from fulfilling on their desires.

We each have two belief systems: one we inherited (and that can come from many many generations of commonly held beliefs that no one even knows they have, let alone pass down) and the constructed beliefs system (which happens in this life time, resulting from the paradigm you buy into).

Those beliefs lodge in our chakras, meridians and energy bodies.

So I clear what is happening in your chakras as a result of both our inherited and constructed belief systems.

Some of the common energy blocks include: not believing one deserves to be happy and healthy and (Are you sitting down?) not wanting to be happy and healthy. Think about it – if you have an issue that gets you benefits like attention or disability payments, why would you want to let go of the cause of the problem?

Another big self-defeating attitude is not allowing healing to occur.

Seems odd, yes? Remember that all those beliefs happen outside your awareness. Unless you work with someone like me you have no way of knowing they even exist let alone know how to eliminate them.

Because I see the “not allowing” good things into one’s life on such a widespread basis I want you to know how to prevent it from crushing your dreams. (Note: You do want to remove it energetically as it relates to past issues. But right now I am talking about preventing future issues.)

When you state affirmations (learn the complexities of making and stating accurate affirmations so you really will manifest your desires) always add the words, ” I am now welcoming and allowing ABC into my life.” Think of it as an addendum, along with the words, “This or something better.”


Gray Hair Really Does Come From Stress

Did anyone ever tell you that you caused their gray hair? Parents sometimes do that kind of thing–without thinking. Kids tend to believe those words, coming from the mouth of an adult. So please consider what you say to youngsters.

Know that stress really does cause gray hair. It is not a myth.

When I was forty-six a client (I was a psychotherapist working in crisis care) attacked me leaving me disabled with a brain injury. You might imagine that was a very stressful and distressing event.

The experiences I lived through after that attack did leave me with gray hair–lots of it – virtually over night! Well it seemed that way to me.

I recall one of the doctors describing me as, “A forty-six year old woman appearing much older than her stated age.” Older than her stated age! He was talking about me.

His words shocked me. I looked in the mirror and frankly, I hardly recognized me.  My face had become wrinkled along with the graying hair.

So what?

All my life people always guessed my age as 10-15 years younger than my chronological age. Now here someone was telling me I looked old. I looked bad! Or at least that is what I heard.

Wow! What a wake up call.

Stress impacts the body in ways we recognize and in ways we completely fail to see.

From my experience I dare say you cannot easily hide periods of extreme stress unless you dye your hair.

Know if your hair suddenly turns gray and have no idea why, you may want to check out what is happening out of your awareness that impacts your wellness thereby reducing your hair color.

By the way, gray hair indicates a nutritional shortage. The stress in your life consumes the nutrients that keep your hair naturally colored.

Speaking as a holistic healer, I know that every physical symptom originates in emotional energy blocks.

In the case of gray hair, especially when it comes on suddenly, an accumulation of blocks hit its limit. Your emotional file folder could no longer keep the symptom in your energy body. It expressed as a physical reality.

When a devastating experience happens or you anticipated one, you change your perception of who you are. That disconnection from your Spirit and beingness causes the color to drain out of your hair.

And yes, it can happen overnight.