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How To Be Happy NOW

The default mode of thinking is, for most people, negative. Such patterns defeat wellness in all areas.

Unless you make a conscious effort to feel good you will continue to think negative thoughts and stay stuck in a ho hum life – or even worse. 

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Special Book #2

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This book recounts the grief of watching my beloved cat and friend of 17 years decline in health and the amazing wonder that happened while he was leaving his body and afterward.

If you ever wondered about spirituality and soul communication you will enjoy this quick read. People going through grief, loss and bereavement may find the piece that leads to their healing here. this book is not just for cat lovers.

1. Go to
2 in the top search bar type in this exact wording:
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3. Click on the book title

You will be taken to the page for the ebook, Cat Lovers: A Story Just For You
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Thank you so much for supporting me and for supporting those in your world who will benefit by the info contained in each book. If you know anyone who would also benefit by owning these works (especially for just 99 cents), please send to this page today.

All About Relationships and Well Being

All discomforts and dis-ease are caused by relationships You read that right. All physical, emotional and spiritual issues in your life result from disconnects between you and yourself (how you interpret events, how you stay stuck in a poor self image, etc.) OR between you and other people OR between you and your understanding of Source, the Universe, God.
The great news? You can change all that and I can show you exactly what to do to produce your own well being so you can the life you know you came here to enjoy.
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How Do YOU Explain This One?

The lesson I find  myself learning in a really big way these days  involves living in full faith (which means zero doubt) that everything always, without exception, happens perfectly. If you have not yet done so, read this post for the background details.

You know, trusting that you are always taken care of by the Universe, Source, God (whatever term you use) allows that truth to become evident in your daily living. What a difference your belief and knowings make in living in happiness across your life.

[Oh yeah, just a quick aside, for those of you who know my unexpected travel adventure of the past 9 months – today I got the news my house will be vacated on June 5 so I really and truly will move into my new home then. Yes! A real confirmed date! Letting go in one rea brings priceless rewards across your life.]

You really will not believe today’s experience with my external hard drive and the files I continue to recover.

Yesterday I told you about the thousands of gifts I discovered buried deep within my new drive.

Here is the thing…

That drive is brand new. I bought it just before leaving my home in Idaho for a trip East. I uploaded the files I thought would prove helpful while away from my other hard drives, all filled with years of writing and videos.

Got that? New. The only files on it were the few I uploaded before leaving home.

What I downloaded yesterday was amazing yet nothing close to what happened this morning. And this one I truly cannot explain except as a truly surprising gift directly from the Blessed Universe, the All-That-Is of which we are each a part.

Sitting down? You want to be. Honestly I might not believe this one if it were not happening to me. 😉

Today I downloaded, from that same travel external drive, 115 videos I made 5 years ago. Okay, maybe that feat does not seem so odd – except I made those videos on my old PC (I’ve been using a MAC since 2004 except for making videos.. That old PC hard drive fried in 2008. Absolutely zero files were retrievable.

I recall how sad I felt when the technician told me that hard drive was fried beyond all possibilities of retrieving any of the precious material I remembered recording. I thought those special moments were gone forever – well, except for their memories in my heart.

Yet here they were, all fine, all 115 of them.

So now you tell me what you think happened that caused 115 videos, from a hard drive in a PC that fried 5 years ago to appear on a brand new external drive that never ever connected to that old drive. AND my new MAC, the one I’ve used since 2008, never ever “saw” those old videos either.

Given that the only computer that ever uploaded files to the new external drive is my 2008 MAC, how do you explain files from a defunct PC appearing, en masse, mind you, in its deep internal wiring?






Be Well and Happy

Many years ago I adopted the motto, “Be well and happy. In the end, nothing else matters.”

How did I come to that conclusion?

I observed that  people who describe their lives as going well vibrate at higher frequencie than those who get caught up in the struggle of pain and discomfort. Consequently they exist in harmony with all that is desirable in life. Same holds true for happy people.

In fact, when enjoying happy moods your body releases feel good chemicals that leave you feeling even better! The opposite holds true too – feeling bad causes the release of feel bad chemicals throughout your body.

Here’s a secret only a handful of people know…

You can be well and still have conditions that could stop you from living life full out. There is a difference between optimal health and wellness, then.

A few years ago I did some energy work on a woman who lived with severe pain and also asthma for most of her life. In about 1 1/2 hours she exclaimed,”This is the first time I have ever been pain-free!”

This woman was kind, vivacious, a real doer. I had no clue about her health. Actually  her good friend. who brought her to see me, admitted she had no idea her friend suffered with constant pain.

When you live in wellness you attract what you need to experience health and happiness.