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Why You Want To Do A Colon Cleanse

Some doctors say that death begins in the colon. Why? Fecal matter builds up over time – minute-by-minute, actually. It even forms a mucoidal plaque along your colon.

Do you know that a healthy body empties the bowel 3-4 times daily?

Many people think going once daily is adequate. WRONG! The fact is the average American, eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) holds, on average, 8 pounds of fecal matter inside.

What do you think happens to all the toxins in that mess?

Take it from me, I have been a health fanatic for 40 years. I do not eat junk and definitely do not eat the SAD. Surprisingly, I eliminated 11 pounds of garbage the first time I cleaned my colon using the only cleanse I recommend. I thought to myself, “If I held that much mess what must others who do not practice healthy eating and water-drinking habits have inside their colons?”

There is a HUGE difference amongst colon cleanses. Go educate yourself here – PLEASE. You matter to lots of people, including me.

Better Than Fish OIl

You hear a lot of talk these days abut how important fish oil is to counter silent inflammation in your body. I found this special report that tells you why you want to take action and keep your body and mind working well. AND why there is something better than fish oil.

Did you ever burp up fish oil? Click here for your FREE gift, your easy solution, NOW.

7 Day Back Pain Cure–Book Review

Do you really think you threw out your back by sneezing? Or sleeping wrong? If you do then let me talk to you about some beachfront property in Kansas.

Doesn’t exist, right? Neither do the so-called causes for most back pain.

In fact, the actual causes of back pain are varied and cross many areas of your life. Back issues are not isolated to back muscles or alignment that goes out of whack. And trying to treat that pain looking for a mythological dimension will never get you the results you desire.

In his new updated version of 7 Day Back Pain Cure Jesse Cannone does an expert job revealing the multitude of causes that integrate into back pain—the kind of excruciating pain that limits your enjoyment of life.

Beginning with a heart-felt admission of how he created his own back suffering and the drive to relieve his own pain for good, this book presents a virtual how-to look at all areas of your life for the culprits causing and keeping you in pain.

Until you find out the cause of the pain you can only manage the symptoms of back pain and never find a cure—you know, a cure that means the pain will likely not return the next time you sneeze or sleep funny!


FREE book this week only

I myself have suffered terribly from debilitating back pain. I spent a fortune seeing chiropractors and joining a club to be able to swim and reduce the pain (or so the doctor told me it would).

Thankfully I discovered some of the techniques and truths Jesse reveals in this work. You know what? I never had another back issue again. Never.

Get the facts and cure the pain where it starts. Get this FREE book now and enjoy the rest of your active pain-free life.

Your Questions Determine Your Well Being

Do you realize you ask yourself questions every day–and don’t even “get” that you do so? Worst part is, those questions, asked without your awareness, tend to steal your power, decrease your happiness and depress your immune system.

What kinds of question have so much negative power?

Let’s say you filled your schedule without leaving time for your daily exercise and ask yourself, “Why did I do such a dumb thing?” Or, “You ninny. How will you ever get into your outfit for the wedding next month if you don’t stop eating junk food?”

Know what I am talking about now?

What if instead of putting yourself down with your questions you created a new habit by asking questions like, “How can I serve more people today?” Or, “What one action step can I take today that will improve my health in the long run?”

Ask yourself questions that focus your energy on what you do well and the ways you take care of yourself to improve your well being.

Do you think you might change your  world  by creating a habit of asking yourself similar questions every morning as part of your daily routine?

You do follow some sort of daily routine, don’t you?

Now why would I ask if you do certain actions daily? Why would a routine make a difference for you?

Most people fail to put themselves and their needs first.. Taking time to prepare for the day, to meditate and focus within, to exercise – all those activities make a difference in how your day goes.

Create a morning routine and follow it daily for 28 days. You will create a new empowering habit and actually feel addicted to performing every aspect of that routine daily.

Best part?

You will feel good about yourself and all the while you will improve your health and well being.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5574498


Body Talk: Your Key To Your Subconscious MInd

Your body reveals the programs running in your subconscious mind that prevent wellness and happiness.

When you learn how to listen you act consciously and manifest the well being across your life that you dream about.

How do you do that? Just ask.

Everything that happens to you, everything you experience, gets coded into your energy body and then into your physical body. Every interpretation you make of circumstances and events creates energy blocks that compromise your meridians, chakras or energy bodies.

Only you have no clue that happens. You fail to make the connection that your sore knee is telling you about your fear to step out in a new direction.

So you go to the doctor and get some pills (with side effects) when all you need to do is go within and discover exactly what you fear and what to do instead of imagining poor outcomes. (Fear is a misuse of your imagination, literally putting part of your past into your future – only magnified! Now that subject warrants a post on its own.)

What ails you?

Ask your body to tell you about the hurt, the discomfort, the distress. Surprisingly, you will get an answer—probably not in audible words but clearly the information you want to stop the health issue will come to you.

Do you know how to receive the messages you seek?