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Your Body as a Metphor for Your Life

Your body is a revealing metaphor of your life.

Most people go through life without a complete awareness of what their body tells them, on a non-stop basis, about how they live in each moment.


This concept came through loud and clear for me recently.

As a writer I spend very many hours sitting in one position at the computer writing, right? Well, I’ve been writing since the age of six so sitting pretty still is not a new behavior for me. And I love what I do so enjoyment factors into not noticing any discomforts.

Yet in the past six months I started experiencing discomfort which continued to increase whenever I sat still for long periods. I am talking sitting at a movie, on a plane, etc. As a healthcare practitioner I knew my Spirit was trying to tell me something I did not want to recognize. Consequently it took me a while to “get” it.

Get it?

For the past six months I got my life so out of balance by spending way too much time working and way too little time flat out enjoying doing nothing that I created painful muscle imbalances. Even though I continue to do my daily workouts the discomfort turned into pain that even interrupted my ability to sleep.

Thank goodness I meditate every day—no matter what, meditation is the first thing I do every morning while running energy on myself. I find all kinds of answers during my time within.

I bet you already guessed that my muscle imbalance bespeaks my life imbalance.

So I thanked the Universe for not hitting me over the head with a two by four (as happened when I failed to get the life changing necessity message years ago until the Universe yelled at me creating the brain injury). As soon as I heard and acted on this message I instantly started to feel better.

What physical problems do you notice, when you allow yourself to pay attention to your body? What message is the Universe delivering to you in gentle whispers? When you miss the soft whispers the Universe gets louder and louder until it explodes in your face you know. Or maybe you didn’t know. Consider yourself for-warned. 😉





Energy Medicine Proves That Everyone and Everything Impacts You

Everything is energy. No secret there. Everything and everyone vibrates at specific frequencies. Again, not a surprise.

Do you realize that the frequencies of other people impact your own level of vibration?

When I teach class I line up four people standing next to each other facing the audience. I then use muscle testing to see that person A, on one end of the line, is running his or her energy accurately and demonstrate some positive outcome tests and some negative outcome tests. All those tests are very visual to the observing audience and clearly experienced by person A.


When I ask person A to state his or her name and then test I usually witness a muscle fully in integrity which shows firm when I push. (I say usually because sometimes a person’s spirit does not like or want to be called by that name and it actually weakens him or her. But that is topic a for anther time.)

When I test person A as he or she calls himself or herself by a different name the muscle weakens and easily wobbles when I test it.

Fine. Anyone who has been to a kinesiologist knows that experience. (Of course most people who think they know muscle testing may actually be testing themselves since there is an art and skill to properly muscle test. Only experienced practitioners who learned the skilled properly execute it accurately.)

Next I go to the person at the far end of the line, person D, and do the same test. Okay. Now everyone sees the truth that thoughts impact the body.

I ask person D to think a happy thought. The test shows a strong muscle. I then ask him or her to think a thought that frustrates him or her. Results show a weakened muscle. Then I go back to person A and do the same so everyone sees the demonstration holds across different people.

Then I ask everyone in the line to hold neutral thoughts, not to think of anything in particular. And I tell person D to think a happy thought. I test person A and see a strong muscle. Ah! Now I ask person D to think a frustrating thought and test person A—standing at the far end of the line about 8 feet away from person D. Person A tests weak.

What happened?

Thoughts are real energy. What you think goes out into the Universe impacting everyone everywhere – not just those in the immediate vicinity. (Think about the story of the 100th monkey.)

No matter where you go, the mood others experience affects your level of vibration.

Someone comes into work upset and you wonder why your work has slowed down or fails to run as smoothly as it did earlier. You go into a store in a great mood. A troubled or sad person walks by and your mood drops, imperceptibly at first.

One person on the team does not believe in the efficacy of the team effort. The entire team cannot function at 100% and no one understands why.

How do you protect yourself?

Discover how to switch your mood instantly. Yes, instantly. You get to choose how you feel in every moment. How you feel determines your rate of vibration. All that is happy and good exists only at higher frequencies and you can only attract what vibrates in harmony with you.


Tomorrow I will explain how “group think” changes the world.

For now, discover lots more information and energy medicine on my Facebook page.

Energy Medicine Works Every Time

Everyone and everything is energy. Energy medicine, when preformed by a skilled practitioner, always works. You do not have to believe in it for it to impact your wellness.
That information is completely verifiable by a competent specialized kinesiologist.

However, sometimes people are so invested in not being well or happy that they deny their own healing experience.


I occasionally see a client who says nothing changed for them during a session (extremely rare yet it happens). Because I test them both before and after the session no one can deny that organ systems and muscles that were not operating with 100% integrity when they came into my office now work. The difference is huge!

I do not let people leave unless all their organs are operating fully – at least at that time. Further, we clear all the self-sabotage and programs that interfere with wellness before anyone gets off my table.

Yet a person so invested in not being well will deny the truth of their health gain and continue to dwell in their discomforts, pain and conditions.


Know anyone who thinks he or she gets so much benefit (mostly attention) from not feeling well, from perpetually suffering from some malady, that the thought of getting better does not even compute in their reality?

Talk about failing to take responsibility for how one’s life looks!

What’s your experience with energy medicine? Did you notice an immediate difference in your wellness? If not then head over to my FREE videos on the 3 little known secrets that allow healing through energy medicine.

Energy Medicine: 100% Accurate 100% of the Time

The coolest part of my holistic healing practice using energy medicine is never ever having to guess what to treat or how to treat anyone.

I simply tune into the Spirit (the soul) of my client and get 100% accurate information 100% of the time. Pretty good, yes? Couple that power with knowing how to tune into my own Spirit and that of the Universe for guidance before, during and after each session.

I don’t do anything special. I spent time learning how to be fully present in the moment to hear (I do not hear voices. I hear with my body and cannot really explain what happens for me.) All messages coming to me to assist my client in attaining whatever is in his or her highest and best interest.

Now how cool is that?

I get to witness miracles every time I work on someone. Energy medicine is powerful beyond comprehension. Besides, I learned years ago that the body heals itself when allowed to do so. And the miracles are truly Nature running its course as intended without outside influences that rearrange and block the flow of energy.

Simply, I release blocked energy in the meridians, chakras and Light bodies. Those blocks accumulate over a lifetime – sometimes many lifetimes. Yes, people often come into this lifetime with issues lurking out of their awareness. And then there are miasmic issues and the one huge disturbance people rarely see – generational patterns of living.

How lucky am I that someone turned my life upside-down and allowed me to discover what I always knew was there but never knew exactly what it was? There is no such thing as luck, you know.

My life actually turned right-side-up when the attack enforced that soul agreement. Wow! Hey, my life and the lives I touch—that also touch me.



Oh, I need to throw in a word of caution.

No one, not any healer any where, can ever become 100% clear of their own issues to work on another person.  As a client I offer this word of caution…

Only see a practitioner who is clear and works on you and your issues. I have seen people who I once repsected not clear themselves and then have all their issues turn up in me. That was no accident. They were not testing my spirit they were actually (unwittingly) using my body as a surrogate for doing their own work on themselves. But I was paying both in money and suffering.

That situation becomes immediately obvious. Nothing that comes up applies to you and all of it applies to him or her. I experiened that happening twice in the past 12 years myself. And it became instantly obvious what was happening so I stopped, asked whose spirit I was woring with, found out it was mine, then I cleared myzelf and went to work on my client.

A skilled practitioner knows the difference and knows what to do to remedy such a situation. Too many people doing energy work have no clue. Buyer be aware.

Have you seen my video series yet? Join me on Facebook to get started with my FREE video series that will change the way you do your healing. Yeah, you really can heal with energy, not just for a few days but forever.


Overcoming Personal Tragedy – Why I Became a Holistic Healer

Why did I become a holistic healer working in energy medicine?

In the next three days I will give you the life-altering details that took me from the yuppie life of a psychotherapist into that of a holistic healer using energy medicine exclusively to assist people in connecting their body, mind and spirit.

Sometimes seemingly awful things happen to good people. What you do with your life  determines your happiness. You can stay a victim or rally forth into happiness.

We left the wedding early so I could make it to work on time. As a psychotherapist working in crisis care my shifts ran either all day or all night three days a week. That night my shift started at 7 PM.

A slight panic ran through me when I discovered my male partner was off that night and a young female substitute would be my partner. The reason for the panic? One of the clients had attacked the copier two days earlier. That same person attacked people on a regular basis and was dismissed from the mental hospital (to our facility) every time her Medicaid ran out.

You read that right. She was a very dangerous person. We all knew it was a matter of time before she attacked someone again.

Be Careful What You Ask For

What you think and feel about will come about. And of course it did. I became her next victim.

I knew, for months, that I wanted to leave that facility yet I took no action. The Universe, being privy to my desire, fulfilled on my request. Since I had ignored all the whispers, all the gentle nudges making me ever more unhappy working there, the Universe yelled at me. Metaphorically it hit me upside the head with a 2 x 4.

Except this 2 x 4 appeared as the hand of a 420 pound woman in a psychotic episode. The strength of someone in such a mental state is unfathomable. She would have killed me had I not chosen to stay conscious and in control of me.

The experience really was quite extraordinary. I did not even know I was hurt until the situation was resolved, I finished my shift and went home. My magnificent brain protected me, keeping me safe to tend to all the legal steps I needed to handle while protecting the other clients in the facility.

Had someone told me before that life-altering night I would be able to make it through what I did I would have looked at them like they were nuts. I guess I understand the true meaning of doing what you have to no matter what.

Life as I knew it ended that night.

What you think and feel about will come about. And of course it did. I became her next victim.




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