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CBD is Wellness By Design

CBD is the ONLY supplement that has an entire body system named after it.

Scientists say this mechanism dates back 600 million years! All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), as shown below. Check out all the receptor cells in the brain, nervous system and throughout the entire body.

CDB receptor sites map

This particular cannabindial creates homeostasis to restore and improve total wellness as well as remedy physical and emotional challenges throughout the body and mind. In fact, 100 peer-reviewed studies show that CBD is neuroprotective. Yes, it supports brain health too!

Nature provides what we need to create health! Just like the energy I use in my healthcare practice, CBD knows where to go and what to do to create healing.

Some people do not make as much CBD as others. And, for many, that amount decreases as years pass - necessitating the need for supplements. Hey, you take vitamins, yes? CBD is also a supplement - NOT medicine.

Hemp is no ordinary substance.

This remarkable plant is used, as you know, to make rope. Did you know it is also used to make clothing, to build houses, and even to make super strong car bodies? Makes sense that it makes strong human bodies, doesn't it?

Taking CBD as a supplement makes the difference between ho hum settling for your life and "WOW! I feel good."

No, not good as in high. CBD is NOT marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive.

This video explains the basic misconceptions I know I had before getting educated which is why I made it and share it with you now.

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Good Eats – Healthy Brain and Body

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Suffering and Struggle Are Optional goes on in your gut determines your health and happiness. Your bacteria  and viruses – your microbiome – dictate your well being not your genome.

Your gut, indeed your entire body inside and out – is covered with bacteria, viruses and trillions of other parasites – that you need to be you


In fact, you are only 10% human and 90% bacteria and viruses. Crazy, isn’t it?

As Dr. David Perlmutter explains in his newest book,  Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life, health depends on the health of your small intestines. No kidding, every physical and emotional issue that will ever plague you  is due to problems in your gut. That is why drugs can only treat symptoms temporarily but never cure – and, in most cases, not help much at all.

Since the 2011 brain surgery removed part of  my vagus nerve  (which governs digestion among other vital functioning) I have been on a quest to heal my body and mind. Sunday I stumbled across something that blew me away. I have known for sometime about diet, gluten and hormones, and parasites – info most people do not bother learning.  I am so grateful for all I discovered to explain my own situation in all the details no one has been able to before.

BUT this info scared the heck out of me

Your brain impacts your gut. Sure. The thing is, your gut impacts your brain! What you eat (and more importantly, what you do not even know you are eating), is destroying your health in such small increments you have no clue of the damage until a full blown symptom explodes in your life.

Elder Care cannot keep up

In the near future there will not be enough facilities and staff to care for the projected population with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Yet both are preventable AND reversible NOW as are pretty much all the diseases and conditions erroneously labeled as ‘old age.”

But your doctor will not tell you that.

Parents do you know

For the first time in known history, this new generation will live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents. When today’s youngsters reach their 60s their bodies will be like those of today’s 8o year olds!

You can prevent that suffering. Educate yourself now and make the changes to give our kids the healthy happy lives they deserve–the dreams you hold for them.

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What I love about this series is you get steps to take and even specific foods to eat and foods to avoid as well as recipes to prepare  to ease the transition to healthy eating.

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How To Prevent Heart Disease: The #1 Killer of Men and Women

Five times more women die from heart issues than from breast cancer every year. Five times! Heart Disease is a silent killer. So many people have no clue any problem exists.

You can prevent disaster.

The 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to 3 American research scientists who discovered the master signaling molecule of your entire cardiovascular system.


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The Easy Way To Great Health

Everybody knows your body-mind needs fuel to get you through the day – and night. And you also know that eating well means lots of fruits and vegetables.

But the produce in the grocery is grown on nutrition-depleted soil, much of it is genetically modified to grow big and pretty rather than nutrient-dense, shipped long distances and left in storage long before you ever see it on your grocer’s shelves.

How can you possibly get the nutrition your system craves for peak performance at work and at play?

You need help.

Can scientists in a laboratory re-create the synergistic blends of vitamins and minerals that Nature creates in food? Of course not. Supplements come from all kinds of questionable-quality ingredients, many man-made – and put together in capsules and liquids that may leave them entire unavailable to your body!

There is an alternative. Click here to do what I do, because I know I cannot possibly eat enough fruit and veggies each day for optimal health.

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