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Thinking and Health

Your thoughts create your world. 

What goes on inside your mind gets reflected in your outer world.
 You choose how to feel in every moment – every single one.

No event has any meaning except for the one you assign.
 As noted in my THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Theme Song,
Its your choice to stay stuck in the muck.

You create your own luck.”

Share your experience below. When did you take charge of a situation that could have been very frustrating or sad and turn it into something useful in your life?

Thinking: The Source of All Struggle

It’s thinking that gets you in trouble.

It’s your thoughts that cause your stress. The habit of living in your left brain has you thinking that you’re going insane and your life is a mess!

There’s a very simple solution to end the struggle you feel. It’s the only thing in the world that’s not an illusion. It’s the only thing that’s real!

Begin NOW to go within, to go into the silence. That’s where bliss and Nirvana reside. Accept what is and simply abide.

Your answers lie within. When the thinking stops you’ll tune in. The truth is you’ll find Heaven inside when you stop resisting what is and let yourself ride the flow.
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Thinking Creates Stress

It’s your thinking that gets you in trouble.

It’s your thoughts that cause your stress.

The habit of living in your left brain, has you thinking that you’re going insane and your life is a mess.
Make sense to you? Watch the video and let us know.

Group Think: What To Do Instead

Thoughts are very real measurable energies. People who think the same thought magnify its power and presence in the world.

Unfortunately 95% of people do not think for themselves. They ask others (not experts, just other people in their circle) for solutions to all kinds of situations where expert advice truly would serve them better.

Oh well. I know that you think for yourself because you are here now reading this information. Congratualtions for being someone who makes a difference for yourself and likely for others too.

When people do not think for themselves they allow their subconscious mind to connect to the larger thought forms that exist. Probably the most popular thought form on this planet today is that of lack. Yes, lack.

People talk about lack. They use a “lack” vocabulary. They watch media that focuses on what is wrong and what is missing.

Duh! No wonder they buy into and enlarge that concpet. They spread its power like a virus.

You can choose to refuse to buy into such negativity. You are not unrealistic when you buck what seems to be the popular way of thinking. Who ever said that being negative is realistic and being positive is Pollyanna? They were wrong!

You may be one person yet your thoughts go out into the Universe too. You talk to others and share with those of like mind. As you spread your thoughts your new thought form increases in size. It doesn’t take millions of people to change the world–juts a small number.

Be part of the change for the better rather than ride the bumpy road along with the crowd who prefers to stay in their “comfort” zone rather than try something new. And yes. the majority is insane – doing the same thing over and over  expecting different resuts.


do you realize people die when observers fail to aid them in times of emergency simpky becasue those who could help fail to take such steps unless they see at lwat oe other person makig the effort. People are ore afraid of looking bad or making the wrong choice than they are of making a difference or saving a life.

Think KItty Genovese, the Challenger, and other people who fell ill with a heart attack or some life-threatening malady while out in public.