Health and Water: Very Few People Drink Enough Good Water

Water and health are intricately intertwined. You cannot experience optimal radiant health unless you drink enough good water daily

As a specialized kinesiologist I know the importance of water. In fact, in the very first session with clients I clear the energy blocks most people have to assimilating and using water.

The common advice is drink eight glasses of water daily and go to the bathroom every 1½ – 2 hours. That frequency makes sense if your body experiences water running right through it. However the amount varies by individuals. (More later.)

The fact is when you drink enough water that our body actually uses you need less and will make fewer bathroom visits.

Most people tell me they drink lots of water. They emphatically insist they drink enough every day.

Yet when I spend time with them I see how very little and how infrequently they drink plain water.

More importantly I witness health issues arise that I recognize as dehydration – that doctors call illness and prescribe drugs to treat those symptoms and false conditions.

No other liquid gets absorbed or utilized for a myriad of health issues the way water does. Your health, in fact your very life, depends on your cells taking in adequate water every day all day long.

Oh yes, you need water and minerals including salt – yes salt – that allow your body to absorb the water.

Without proper mineralization and without breaking down the sticky water molecule (that tend to clump in groups of 60) you cannot function at 100% or enjoy optimal radiant health.

How can you make certain you drink enough water every day?

Take your body weight. Divide that number by two. You need that many ounces daily. A person weighing 100 pounds needs to drink 50 ounces (6+ glassfuls) over the course of the day.

The best way to make sure you drink what your body needs is to measure out the entire amount. Put it in a bottle. Then pour your servings from that bottle all day long.

Once the bottle is empty you had enough. (Unless you had alcohol or caffeine – then you need more.)

You are an electromagnetic being. Without adequate hydration the messages that run your system will fail to transfer accurately eventually creating serious health issues.

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About the Author Ali Bierman

Ali is the bomb diffuser for the body, mind and spirit. She disconnects the wires that explode into injuries, pain, conditions and disease. Then she removes the cause of suffering: the programs in your subconscious mind that run you in every moment of life. Everything in life is a choice. Some choices are more difficult to make than others. Ali Bierman