Wellness Musts


The only water system I recommend and use is by Nikken. I use all the water products as what you drink is a small part of your water intake. More comes in through the shower – way more,to the tune of 8 glasses of water a day for 30 days in a 5 minute shower.
the basics – place to start:

Contact me with questions and to place an order to start living better NOW Please do not put this off. What you do not know about water and hydration is slowly killing you.
Detailed water information
– why your body needs it, how much, and what happens when you fail to supply enough pure water and enough mineral salt to use the water. If you think you should be going to the bathroom every two hours then your body is not assimilating the water you drink.Click here NOW for the full story.


Your body need deep sleep to repair and replace old cells and create new ones. Unless you get that 4 hour minimum (mpost people really need 8 hours) of deep sleep in full cycles you will never enjoy optimal health or feel as great as you want to. Interestingly most people who think they do get that required stage 4 sleep for 4 hours actually only get about 2 hours. NIkken’s Sleep system relaxes your body allowing healing to take place all over.
Contact me for details on this high tech system that actually sits on top of your current mattress.


There are lots of green powders out there. I used many. This one is a step above and beyond all others. Your hormones need balancing and this one addressed those issues as well as the fat loss, the stress-reduction, immune system building – you name it.

Watch then click the link below the video to change your life in the next 30 days. Yes, I have also never seen a guarantee like this one.

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